Effective Ways to Improve UX

When you have a website, your main priority is your users. You always make sure that everything in your website is functioning properly. You use your creativity to design a website that attracts people. A well-designed website is a great tool to make users stick and navigate through your site deeper.

What is UX and why is it important?

User Experience, or simply UX, is how a person feels about every interaction with a system. UX is really important because it fulfills the user’s needs. This has to be a positive experience from them so that they can trust your brand/product and keep them loyal. However, there are times when some users are not satisfied. This is one of the inevitable things you need to expect for.

Ways to improve UX

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Optimize your page speed

Slow-loading pages can be so frustrating! Whenever people visit a website, they expect the whole page to load fast, or else, they might leave since it’s just eating up their time. If you want to make your users feel satisfied and keep them coming back to your website, then you have to optimize your page speed now.

Add Call-to-Action button

Having CTAs on your website is a great way to convert visitors into becoming your customers/clients. CTAs serve as the instruction on what to do next, motivating the user to take an immediate action. It needs to enforce the visitors to do something.

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“Buy now”, “Call us”, “Sign-up now!”, and “Subscribe here!” are among the common CTAs you see on some websites. These are actually helpful for users since it will be easy for them to take an action on your website.

Today, the competition in digital marketing gets tighter so it’s better to choose the best call-to-action that converts visitors into customers.

Write an eye-catching headline

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Headline matters a lot. Every time you are going to write a blog for your website, don’t just give all your time thinking about a great content, but also give time to make up a banging headline that urges the users to click and read. An eye-catching headline grabs the attention of people persuading them to click.

So, what makes an eye-catching headline?

Your headline must be unique. If you want to stand out, then you must provide a headline that is not just like everyone else’s. It must all be specific and straight to the point so that your users won’t get confused.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Mobile devices have been a necessity for most people. These devices help people to communicate, search, and purchase from an online store fast and easy.

As for the website owners, optimizing your website for mobile devices is essential.

Reaching for potential customers is faster since millions of people use their phones daily. Indeed, people prefer using mobile devices when purchasing online since it is very handy and easy to manage.

Make your website a mobile-friendly now. Your business will not only be seen as modern, but it may also increase your chance to be on top of Google’s rankings.

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User Experience is different for everyone. Some may have positive experience, some may don’t. The most important thing for you to remember when it comes to designing a web and user interfaces is that each person has different perspective so you must expect for various reactions.

How will you know if you’re giving your users the best UX?

Read the feedback.

In that way, you will be able to learn and correct if you have any mistakes. Observe and listen to your users and customers because that is one of the effective method to make a long-lasting relationship between them and it strengthen your business as well.

Your UX will improve as long as you provide your users with something helpful in which they can benefit from.

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