Web Design Tips for Newbies

Designing a website is fun because you get to unleash your creative mind. There are no rules when it comes to designing your own website. However, you need to make sure that it is designed with a good balance of graphics and text to attract and hold the attention of your audience.

Are you new to web designing? Then this article is made for you! You will find out some great tips that may help you in designing your first website. Below, I provided some of the easiest and simplest web design tips to follow for every newbie like you.

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Keep It Simple

Simplicity is beauty. Keep the design of your website look simple because most people prefer clean and uncomplicated layout. Some people don’t actually pay much attention to graphics so it is better if you put limit on designs. Also, it is more easy for them to interact with your website if you provide them a simple layout.

There are many websites where they overuse designs which some are really unnecessary. Putting too much designs is a bad move because it looks like you’re making your visitors focus on the designs, not the products or services you offer.

Another reason why putting too much design on your website is terrible because it takes a lot of time to load and sometimes affects the UX. When building a website, you should keep in mind that user experience is more valuable than having over-designed website.


Ever thought of that the blank or white spaces you see on some websites are useless?

If so, then, you’re so wrong!

Aside from simplicity, whitespace actually helps your website look balanced and makes the users focus on the right elements on your page.

Whitespace may be a simple design or layout, on the other hand, it leaves a huge impact by improving the readability of the texts on your page. Also, using whitespace makes it easy for you to highlight and emphasize the important elements.

Focus on the User

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When web designing, first thing you need to do is to know who your target audience is. You can’t just build a website without knowing who your future users will be. Analyzing and understanding what their interests are help you to provide them what they need. This will make your users stick.

Once your website is running, keep in touch with your users. Communicate with them by responding to their comments or emails. Always be open to suggestions. Remember that reviewing their feedback helps you to pinpoint all the things you need to improve.


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Texts are the major sources of information. So when you create a content for your website, there should be a good balance between texts and graphics.

Some only focus on the design or layout more than the typography. You need to know that having a good typography provides aesthetic value to your content. There are tons of stylish fonts to use but only choose what perfectly fits on your page.

The font should be as neat as possible so that it is easy to read your texts. Using the right choice of font, color, and size of your text captivates the attention of your audience making them want to read more. Just remember to select the right ones to make your page look more presentable.


Your website is like the digital face of your business. You need to make it look attractive to gain more impressions. Everyday, thousands of websites are being built so the competition is becoming more intense. Though, a simple and easy-to-navigate website beats them all.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas how to design your website. Just follow those tips and it will certainly make your website appealing to the audience.

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