WordPress Versus HTML Websites (Demo)

WordPress Versus HTML Websites


The two most common alternatives to create a website today are by the usage of the WordPress platform or by establishing an HTML website.  Out of the two HTML sites have been around the longest, and they were the first form of a website that was accessible.

The primary issue for people about HTML websites is that you require to create coded archives that have to be upload to your site. Each time you need to make even the slightest change you would have to edit and re-upload the files.

It causes two issues; first, you require to take the time to learn HTML coding practices. Secondly, it takes time to make changes systematically. If you hired a designer for your website, you have to use them every time you need to add new content. It can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

WordPress sites came out in 2003 and were at first utilized by bloggers.

Today they have advanced into static websites, at the touch of a button, which can easily be updated by a person. Once you have installed a WordPress site it is very simple to log in to your dashboard and makes changes within seconds. You can publish videos, add new posts and articles, change out your affiliate links and add images without the requirement to upload any new archives.

If you are seeking the most accessible alternative to constructing your website, then we highly suggest using WordPress. While there is a learning curve, it is relatively short-lived. Once you invest a small time familiarizing yourself with how things work, you are going to take pleasure from the flexibility and ease of use.

The most recommended way to set up your WordPress site is by registering a domain name
this will be the link you give to people to drop by your website such as:

Then you will require to open a hosting account such as Blue Host, A2 Hosting or another firm; there are many to select. Once your account is setup, you quickly go into your Cpanel and install WordPress from them.

Not sure or feeling lost? Just inquire your hosting firm to set it up for you. Many have simple to follow tutorials that explain to you how to do this. Once set up you require to select a theme for your site, this would be the
design aspect in an HTML site.

There are hundreds of free ones that you can use to get you started. A theme can continuously be modified later on.
WordPress is very simple to use and set up. It may be customized as small or as much as you want. Plus you can utilize WordPress for any form of a site, from a simple blog to a complex e-commerce site.

WordPress for Beginners – Getting Started

wordpress 3If you are considering putting up a new blog or website you have, no doubt, stumbled across WordPress. Now there is one main thing that you require to know about WordPress and that there are two different types. Let’s take a
look at them. WordPress.com

It is entirely free to use, and WordPress will host your site on their platform. What this signifies is that your website will have a different URL or address.

It will look something like:
Due to these sites being free there are certain limitations in place. One main one is that you can’t use banner ads or use a service such as Google Adsense on your site.

You will, also, find that you are limited when we talk about which themes you have access to and the number of plug-ins you are approved to install.5ca4c0f347818

The simple use of WordPress.com would be to learn the fundamentals of using this type of platform. Bring to mind it as your practice site. WordPress.org.

It is the kind of WordPress site that we suggest you use for your projects. It mostly works on the same context, but you install it on your hosting account as an alternative. It signifies you can add anything content and ads, plug-ins and more than you need. You own this site, and your URL would
reflect this:

It seems more professional, enables you to select from thousands of free and premium themes and more. WordPress can even be customized if needed. Hosting Accounts and Domain Names. For those of you just starting online a couple of the terminology could be a little intimidating. Having to select and set up things like a hosting
account and domain name may sound complicated, but they aren’t really.

A domain name or URL is easily the address of your site. Any address needs a residence attached to it, this would be your hosting account – the place your site lives.

There are multiple decisions for domain names two of the most extended are GoDaddy and Namecheap. A domain name will cost you about $10 per year, so it is very inexpensive. Always run an internet search for coupon codes to save a little additional.

When deciding a hosting account, there are multiple decisions, a couple of the popular ones include Blue Host, A2 Hosting, and Hostgator amongst others.

You can find an inexpensive plan for under $10 per month to get you started; this will permit you to run one website. Again a great alternative to getting you up and running.

It should help you comprehend the fundamentals of starting your WordPress
site. Once broken down it is not that complicated to do.



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