The Easiest Way to Start Blogging (Demo)

The Easiest Way to Start Blogging

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People love to blog and since the internet has turned part of our everyday lives it only generates sense so you can blog online. While the thought of putting up a site might be intimidating, there is a straightforward alternative to go about this.

Your basic solution is to use a platform called WordPress. recollect WordPress as your perspective, from here you can construct upon it. You have two choices when we refer to using WordPress, free and paid. If you are serious about putting up a blog, then we very suggest you go with the paid version.

The paid version signifies that you will have to purchase a domain name, which is your website url. Then you require somewhere for your blog to reside, and this would be your hosting account. It is certainly not expensive to set this up and maintain, about $10 a month.

The pros of using WordPress is that it is simple to use. You can develop your blog posts absolutely in your Dashboard panel. You can add photos, videos and add links to other websites or products. It is all done without leaving your site.
Besides, WordPress uses smaller pieces of software known as Plug-ins. You will see this word through and through again, once you start seeking into what WordPress has to do with.

WordPress plug-ins facilitate you to add different functions to your blog. You would like to display a diary, a list of special topics or a list of relevant products that are accessible on Amazon, for example.

As we told, WordPress is your simple framework and once installed you will need to elect a theme. It does come with a simple one; a new one is added every year. It may suit your ambition, but if not, it can simply be transformed.
Once inside your account, you would go to Appearances and Themes and then click on Search Themes. Here you could invest hours selecting a theme. You will require to opt for what color you are seeking for and how numerous columns you plan to have displayed.

If you are coming out with blogging, try not to select a theme that needs too much customizing. You can systematically do that later on. For now, you need to install a clean seeking theme and then invest time learning how to develop and publish your blog posts.

Learning WordPress is fun and a great alternative to surprise your family and friends with your notably own website. !

Why You Should select a WordPress Blog

wordpress blog site

Setting up a website or blog today is much easier than it used to be. It is mainly because of the creation of WordPress blogs. WordPress emerged onto the scene in 2003 and was principally used as a platform for bloggers. Today it is the basis for numerous types of websites include business sites, e-commerce sites, affiliate sites and more.

Not sure if you have to be using WordPress, then verify out the factors why you should below.

1. WordPress is very simple to use, and every year the list of characteristic grows and improves. It is simple to add videos too, you can develop online stores, customize menus and more.

2. The learning curve involved is manageable, and you can just start up with a fundamental site. As your experience level grows, you can make usage of the characteristic to suit your own requires.

3. WordPress has a immense theme choice, so you do not have to make a fuss about your site seeking the same as another person. numerous of the themes are free and simple to customize. Plus you have the possibility of buying a premium theme that will take your site to the following level.

4. It is effortless to sell products from your website. There are many simple to use shopping carts which you can install and will develop a professional seeking storefront for you. Two free ones are Woo-Commerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

5. Plug-ins, this is what adds the functionality to WordPress. Plug-ins can develop things like sales pages, opt-in forms for newsletters and contact pages for your readers.

6. WordPress is systematically updating, which signifies they hold on on top of all new developments. Not to worry updating your site is done at the touch of a button, no require to hire somebody to do it for you.

7. If you get stuck with WordPress, there are forums which you can visit for help. It is straightforward to find support for any issue you could be experiencing. You can even search for places like YouTube for support and tutorials.

8. WordPress includes several search engine optimization characteristic, search engine optimization.
These include things such as the Google XML Site Map and the All In One search engine optimization pack. These characteristic provide you with alternatives to help your site be found rapidly in the search engines.

9. It is easy to integrate your WordPress site with any of your web 2.0 sites. You can install plug-ins with Share characteristic so your readers can share any content they find helpful.

10. WordPress is inexpensive; all you require is a domain name and a hosting account. For less than $20 you can have a site up and running.

WordPress is a fantastic decision for building a website or blog. It is easy to set up and use, with a small practice you can rapidly be adding content, videos, and pictures to your site.


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