Just What Can WordPress Do? (Demo)

Just What Can WordPress Do?


Still not convinced that you should set up a WordPress website? Well, let’s take a look at some of the functions that it can do. Once you can see the power that this platform holds you should be ready to change your mind quickly.

WordPress runs with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers that help improve the functionality of this platform. What once used to be a primary blogging platform has now turned into a powerhouse when it comes to use and design.

Many of the features that WordPress offers integrated into this platform. It includes having the ability to add multiple categories, add tags, set up permalinks and more.

One of the top benefits of using WordPress is that it can support numerous designs. If you have ever created an HTML site, you will know that the design aspect can take hours if not several days alone. With the click of a button, you can install and activate any WordPress theme you choose.

So if you don’t like the thought of having to program and code a site, WordPress is your absolute best choice.
With WordPress you can create a blog which is a site that displays your latest post, so the front page is always changing. You also can create a static front or home page. This page remains the same each time someone arrives on your site. You can set it up either way.

You can also enable comments on your site; this allows your readers to add their viewpoint to your posts and articles. It is a great way to get traffic to your site, find new customers and develop a blog that comes alive. People are always posting and chatting via your blog!

The heart of WordPress is the way it allows you to create content quickly. You can add a blog post or create pages for your site. All the writing can be done directly into your draft post and then edited. You can add photos, graphics, videos and you can put links in your content. All of this can now be done instead of having to learn how to write with HTML code.

If you are looking for an easy to use a platform, then you have found it in WordPress. Because WordPress is so popular you will see that developers are always coming out with new themes and functions for your sites. You don’t have to worry about running an old fashioned or outdated site anymore.

Are you ready to try WordPress now?

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